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Our Capabilities

Engine is a direct marketing leader that delivers turnkey marketing and sales solutions to business partners and also leverages these capabilities to provide innovative products and services directly to consumers.

We have created a network of internal and external experts to keep our business partners at the forefront of marketing and sales performance. The network is seamlessly connected through our proprietary CRM and analytics backbone technology.

We are a consumer services and marketing company specializing in online customer acquisition across diverse industries. For example, our online media team is expert in campaign design and execution, media analytics and search performance while our call center operations are accessible to customers 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

We have cutting edge capabilities in customer analytics and scoring, search and online media, digital production, social media and digital innovation such as streaming video and mobile advertising. We also provide sophisticated sales and call center management capabilities and tools including the latest dialer technologies, workforce management tools and flexible staffing models.

Engine diagnostics (we can help you do it better)

We can partner with you on strategy to identify the best opportunities for profitable growth. We bring the analytic tools, methodologies and strategy expertise to assess your performance in a fact-based way.

We can partner with you on operations to identify process improvement opportunities across your online marketing and sales platform. We bring the analytic tools, methodologies and process expertise to assess your performance in a fact-based way. We insure that your strategic objectives are aligned with your operational capabilities.

Engine outsourcing (we can do it for you)

We can provide turnkey, scaled online operations that operate on a standalone basis or incorporate your capabilities (e.g., client call centers). Turnkey relationships can be performance-based where we acquire customers for you and bear the full marketing and operational risk.