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We are a consumer services and marketing company specializing in online customer acquisition across diverse industries. We generate lasting customer relationships at competitive costs through our proprietary marketing and sales "engine."

We offer turnkey marketing and sales solutions to business partners and also leverage these capabilities to provide innovative products and services directly to consumers. Our operating approach is three-fold:

  1. Start with market strategy to insure that the best products are delivered to the right customers who spend more, stay longer and create the highest lifetime value.
  2. Leverage a seamless marketing and sales process supported by proprietary analytics to insure optimal conversion rates and lower customer acquisition costs.
  3. Rely on a network of best-in-class experts with decades of functional and process expertise to deliver superior, efficient growth.

Engine business solutions We provide business partners with online consulting and capabilities (we can help you do it better) and turnkey online marketing and sales operations (we can do it for you). Turnkey relationships can be performance-based where we acquire customers for you and bear the full marketing and operational risk.

Engine personal solutions We leverage these same marketing and sales capabilities to provide innovative products and services directly to consumers.

  • Is your customer base growing but your average customer profitability shrinking?
    Issue: A large telecommunications company
    focused marketing and sales investments on
    sales volume and revenue frequently at the
    expense of average customer profitability.
    While this approach optimized revenue, it
    destroyed shareholder value.

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  • Are you experiencing sufficient site traffic and lead volume from your SEO and website investments?
    Issue: A national network of non-medical,
    private duty home care agencies that
    provide senior care and elder care engaged
    us to improve overall site traffic and
    increase lead volume through SEO while
    enabling easy updates to content.

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  • Are your online marketing investments climbing while your lead performance is deteriorating?
    Issue: One of the world's leading providers of quality
    post-secondary educational services was
    starting to experience increased costs and
    lower lead volume than projections. Lead
    costs were skyrocketing to over 300% in
    less than one month.

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  • Are your sales and service teams performing to expectations and projections?
    Issue: A promising new Cable Television provider was not
    experiencing customer growth in line with projection and
    expectations. Customer turnover rates
    were exceptionally high compared to
    industry standards.

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  • Are you adding more sales reps but average conversion rate per sales rep is shrinking?
    Issue: An established higher education institution was not experiencing expected enrollment growth in line with increased headcount in their student advisor positions.

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  • Are you spending too much to generate a sale?
    Issue: A leading education services
    provider fell in the bottom quartile of
    marketing and admissions
    performance relative to its industry
    peers despite having one of the largest
    marketing and admissions budgets in the industry.

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